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>> i believe government is here to fix our streets, roads, and protect us, but they don't need to protect people from their jobs. >> three cheers for her. you at home who understand it's freedom, not central planning that gives us better lives, that's our show. thanks for watching, i'm john stossel. ♪ >> good morning to you. hope you had a great weekend. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> it is time now for the top 5@5 owe it clo o'clock. he was one of america's gravest. a u.s. navy seal shot dead in
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afghanistan during a risky mission to rescue a colorado doctor held by the taliban. the man who died was also a member of elite seal team 6. it was the same unit that killed osama bin laden last year. in the meantime new questions are being raised this morning as to doctor joseph was doing there and why he had such dangerous location. >> he came to the u.s. back in 2004 calling for a slow and painful death for american soldiers and families. why did the korean rapper psy still get to perform for the president? >> he sang gangham style. many are outraged including a mother of a navy seal killed in iraq. >> performing before our president was just disgust to go
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me. how do we allow that to happen and dhou we choose that as role models that get that honor. he should be on a no fly list or a terrorist watch list for staying the sangs he said. it's just disgust to go me. >> mark allen lee, here's his picture. he was the first navy seal killed in iraq. >> defensive lineman josh brent is speaking out for the first time after being released on bail. he is charged with intoxication manslaughter following the crash that killed his teammate jerry brown. >> jerry brown was my deer best friend. i am trying to deal with his death right now. >> while hurting over the tragic loss the cowboys winning over the bengals. he awarded the game ball in brown's honor to his mother. >> another tragedy, this one in the music industry mexican american singer rivera was
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killed when her private plane crashed in mexico. rivera's plane disappeared shortly after taking off from monterrey, mexico where she performed saturday night. everyone on board that plane died. no word yet on what caused the crash. >> such a big shock to the family. it's incredible something most of you people that know my sister she was a very strong person, she fight for everything in life. >> the 43-year-old super star sold more than 15 million records and won numerous awards. she started her own reality show i love jenni. she leaves behind 5 children. she was 43. >> not your average pot luck at the university of colorado. two students are accused of bringing brownies laced with marijuana to class. they made their professor and five classmates sick as a result. three people ended up in the hospital. while the students who brought
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the brownies were arrested and went to jail. they are being charged with introducing the substance of a controlled substance by fraudulent means. they could face more prison time after the prank. that is your 5@5:00. >> when the president goes to detroit today he will address the current battle between governor snyder and the labor union. that's because tomorrow michigan is set to become the 24th right to work state. kelly wright is live in washington with the lathes for us. >> good morning to you as well. the president will be speaking today at the dongler detroit diesel plant in redford, michigan. he is expect to do address the issue. it is a pivotal time for the state of michigan. pro union workers will take to the streets to demonstrate state lawmakers for them wanting to become a right to work state. >> we are going to get it done.
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ifs about pro workers. it is important to give them the freedom to choose. it is important to join a union or not. it's important not about collective bargaining. he was talking about how they want to move the state forward to create more jobs for people in the state should they move to a right to union situation or right to work situation. union workers argue they are making an attack on the middle class. >> this legislation isn't about anything except an attack on workers rights and roll people back for what we fought for. >> nancy pelosi says no matter how many ways republican workers try to spin it right to work is bad for our economy and bad for the middle class. it has nothing to do with ex
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handing workplace minimums. over the weekend union organize nierzs continue to prepare their members for take to go the streets this week staging demonstrations against the measure. if the vote goes through tomorrow will will deal a significant blow>> now it is time to look whose talking in this morning's congress is talking. if you do as usual they aren't agr agreeing. congressman took to the airwaves to attack what he called the president's bait and switch tax hike that could push it over the fiscal cliff. >> if he would do what he said before the election as oppose to do the bait and switch what republicans like is like jerry bro brownicing t cooking the footba. >> the talk of taxes is almost irrelevant to the size of the
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trillions and trillions of debt. >> unwilling to compromise the democrats new york center chuck schumer said republicans should go ahead and make his day. >> debt ceiling will be part of the griement. i think our repub can colleagues have learned that to save the government is not going to pay his debt for something else is bad substance and bad politics. i don't think they will prevail on it. if they don't say we won't raise the debt ceiling because of medicare make our day. >> some republicans will take the tax hike some will keep one of them. >> a lot of people are looking for the theory. it has merit where you give the president the two percent rate increase on the top 2 percent and all of a sudden the shift goes back to entitlements. all of a sudden once you get him
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the right on the top 2 percent it's actually much lesser tax increase than what he has been talking about. the focus shifts to entitlements. he actually can do something that really saves this nation. at the beginning i believe that is the best route for us too to take. >> make a deal or taxes will go up for every americans. >> ♪ coming down in the midwest. you are tracking extreme weather today. >> good morning everyone. we saw extreme snowfall amounts across portions of the midwest. many places up to 6 inches. some spots over a foot of snow. strong winds as well that in combination with the snowfall white how the conditions in
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indianapolis. you can see on the images beautiful white stuff every where. we had a bit of a lack of snow across the midwest. it is good to see some of the west coming down out here. temperatures were above now we are talking below average. minneapolis rapid city 0 degrees. ahead of this system very mild across portions of the southeast. 71 high temperature in new orleans 60 in atlanta. 47 degrees temperatures will be warming up a little more as we head to the mid atlantic. 60 degrees for high temperature in new york city. behind this weren't ifs much colder. 37 in chicago. 34 for your high temperature in kansas city. we are seeing conditions a little more typical for the mor month of december now for parts of the midwest and the plains. the front will still be
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producing issues across the lower 48. today will be across parts of new york and accumulation about 3 inches. as we head southbound stronger storms heavy rain will be producing crowd delays from mississippi to indiana. you can actually produce severe weather. talk about isolated tornadoes possible today. >> we thought it was cold in the studio but zero degrees in rapid city yesterday. >> thanks. now to stories you can bank on, go across the state lines to fill your tank up. >> which states have the cheapest gasoline? >> they also had the warmer temperatures on the map. most of them are in the south. most have refineries some have a lot of them. the cheapest one missouri have a lot of them. not necessarily a prerequisite. low cost living over all.
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we see gasoline prices dropping by $0.08. a lot of growth china not using as much oil. that is behind the price drop. >> some taking long trips on the holidays it is easier to stop along the way. >> some have stakeouts south carolina was the lowest. i will tell them to fill up the tanks there before we go on the road. >> a lot are pulling out the stops so they can spend some money. >> also get in the mood, too. bobble bar have a physical location in new york city they have free scotch in there to try to loosen them up and purchase a few more bobbles out there. the gap banana republic giving away a fee at. you have starbucks $250 gift card membership cards there with free coffee or a month.
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they are pulling out all of the stops to get you there. >> you have the least satisfying careers and most satisfying careers. >> my looked at the top 300 and bottom 300 of jobs out there. let's look at the least happy person. mail clerk. i am not talking about the box office. perhaps this is motivation to get out of the mail room and move up the ladder. let's go through the happiest 5 the engineers make the most. they are not the happiest folks out there. fingers are. ceo's down to 19. financial analysts dead last. number 300 the court variety were pretty happy. 48 for court reporters and correspond dents go all of the way down to 288 out of 300. >> i would be happy if i could sing, too. >> it is 12 after the top of the hour. for the first time since their prank call that led to the
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apparent suicide of kit made elton's nurse those radio hosts are speaking out. loud music over stocked shelves and crowded stores. it turns out he might be making it miserable. not all will have scott.
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this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's
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available again in a beautiful leather edition. i have one, i want you to have yours too. please visit and get your copy of this rare and historic version of god's word today. thank you and may god bless you.
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>> good morning to you. it is now quarter past the hour. george h.w. bush is still in the hospital but his condition is improving. he was admitted for bronchitis the day after thanksgiving. should be more bad news for bernie madoff. andrew madoff is reportedly awaiting tests to confirm fears that his canningser has returned. he was first diagnosed with
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lymphoma in 2003. this news comes right before tomorrow's 4th anniversary of his father bernie madoff's arrest. kate middleton could end up back in the hospital the dutches suffering a relapse of herself morning sickness. the radio host talking about the first time about the prank and the tragic turn. elizabeth pran joins us live with more. >> prince william canceled his speaking engagement to care for his wife. the fallout from the prank at the hospital is heating up. the australia radio station behind the hoax now says it tried to warn the hospital before it aired the prank call. they didn't know about the nurse's fragile state. she was found dead reportedly taking her own life after being duped a radio station.
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the two dj's involved have been off the air and in hiding since her death. now they are speak out for the first time saying they are devastated by the news. >> if we had any idea something like this could be even possible to happen, we couldn't see this happening from a prank call. >> from start to finish there was no harm intended and obviously, you know, we are incredibly sorry for the harm we may have helped contribute. >> australian police will interview the two dj's. the radio station says it will cooperate with any investigation. >> nice to see you in new york elizabeth. >> thanks. >> holiday shopping make you miserable? that is actually what retarryls may want. it may lead to a moment of no
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control. this is why stores may crank up the volume of christmas songs, pump up any smells. this is our question of the day. what makes you miserable? you can tweet them to us at fox friends first. fox friend we can read some of those flart the show. >> the time right now 18 after the hour. forget waking up early for the new job. it is more profitable to be on the government goal. we have a live interview on that coming up. these aren't your ordinary bad boys. can you say amish mafia? it's the subject of new reality show and it's raising a lot of eyebrows. we will talk about this one.
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>> welcome back it is 22 after the hour. don't have a significant other? if not blame your mother. over bearing parents relationship phobic young adults. over intrusive pair p renting makes 20 somethings fear commitment. tiger woods ex-wife using her million dollar divorce settlement to build a $24 million beach front mansion. elin nordegren flying the swedish flag above her new florida dream home. >> on the opposite end of the spectrum 17 million homes lived
2:24 am
below the poverty line. despite the thakt that welfare spending is $1 trillion. when you break it all down it is more profitable to collect welfare than it is to earn a salary. here to breakdown some of the numbers sandra. they broke down the numbers. they say the cash value of welfare spending is 167,000 per day per household compare that to the median household they are bringing in $137 a day. >> these are shocking numbers. these are done by the republican side of the budget committee and it really reveals how much they are spending in these federal programs compared to what the average income is in this country it might be more profitable just to be on the welfare programs in this country. here's the numbers. the spending per day by the government $168 in these programs. median income is 137 per
2:25 am
household. when you break that down to an hourly bases you are talking about spending per hour over $30. the median income per hour is $25 in this country. so these that are fully on the federal spending programs or welfare programs in this country are earning more than the average household earning a salary. so some really shocking numbers. >> not much incentive to get up and work eerie day. >> and these numbers are going up. >> they are going up. welfare payments up 33 percent when you look back over the past four years. in 2008 they found $746 billion that's up from 563 billion in 2008. lots of money. in fact i was just looking, heather the federal welfare program right now in this country is the largest budget as part of the overall budget. the largest budget item on the
2:26 am
government's proposal. >> a smaller borings comes from state level taxes. programs like medicare shared state federal program. booker has been trying to live on $30 a day. not an accurate portrayal on federal programs. spending level in this country is ballooning. the food programs are sky rocketing. alarming statistics. >> the mayor trying to live on 50 bucks that's not working. >> it is 26 minutes after the hour and they got $249 million green grant funded by of course you. and the company failed. so who is coming in to scoop
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them up? well, the country china is part of it. it's a green energy flop you paid for. and this little guy is monkeying around. we will tell you how he ended up on an ikea shopping trip when we come back. ♪ hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> these little guys are giving santa a run for his money. they get decked out in their finest wear and they take part in the christmas parade. >> they are so cute. >> that's not all. look at them jumping up the stairs. by nightfall they are buput to work turning on the aquarium christmas lights. >> they are adorable. >> they look like they are in tuxedos. welcome back to fox and friends first. >> it is half past the hour. top five stories making news at this hour. colorado shooting suspect james holmes expected to appear in court today. this will be the first time we get a look at holmes since he was taken to the hospital for a head injury last month after reportedly trying to kill
2:32 am
himself. homes charged with 24 counts of murder in the july theater movie massacre. >> he was jumping in her car. kids tried robbing her at gun point in a church parking lot. >> he was ages 7 and 11 deep manneded money and her telephone. >> i was afraid when i drove awafz going to shoot my tire or window or something. >> the boys were arrested the gun was in fact loaded. because of their ages the boys were turned over to their families. a 123 systems plans to sell nearly all of that the largest
2:33 am
auto parts manufacturer. they have businesses and jobs in michigan and massachusetts still unclear at this point. the systems has about 1,000 u.s. plies the deal still needs phenol approval. schools debating whether or not they should include american exceptionalism as part of the curriculum. in the state of nebraska students grades 6 through 8 will learn about american exceptionalism except it won't be called that. creation and organization of the american government and what taz heyed. we will take that anyway. >> look at this guy not only was a monkey lose but he was doing it in style. the bizarre case of the monkeys wearing a coat and diaper made a stir before it was caught by animal services.
2:34 am
it got lose from its great in the owner's car and wandered around the parking lot before making it inside the store. in a dierp and a coat. >> when the president arrives on this court later today they try to sell the fiscal cliff plan. they battled between governor snyder and the governor. he will be the 24th right to work stated. kelly wright is following this for us. good morning, kelly. when he speaks in michigan president obama will find himself steping into the middle of a debate heading into the union. it will make michigan a right to work state. >> there you have it. hundreds of union workers responding to michigan's republican controlled legislature's push to make michigan the 24th right to work
2:35 am
state. the vote takes place tuesday. governor snyder is now backing the plan. >> this is solely focused on their relationship. shouldn't the the opportunity to say they want to be long or not. second piece is this will be good for economic development for more p and better jobs coming to michigan. >> the union workers agree with the governor they argue michigan was built on unions. they claim the gop majority state legislature is making an attack on the middle class. >> on tuesday it's important because they are going to try to reconcile the bills. the governor who said he didn't want the legislation now says he is going to sign it. so it's an attack on working families and we are going to be there and not stand for it. >> they are still standing for it because over the weekend union organizers continue to prepare their numbers for take to go the streets this week staging demonstrations against the measure.
2:36 am
if the vote goes through they say it will hurt organized labor. republican governor rick snyder says the right to work measure is not about hurting unions but getting workers the freedom to choose. hert, back to you. >> kelly back to you. >> right away let's go to this. extreme weather alert a winter storm creating quite the mess in the midwest. >> this picture comes in from my in-laws low which is and kent. winter wonderland there they live in a suburb of minneapolis. that is theme now. maria molina talking to us about the winter storm. >> good morning. we saw snow across parts of minnesota and parts of the dakotas and rockies picking up over a foot of snow 10 inches recorded in and around city of
2:37 am
minneapolis. it was more of heavy rain into parts of the carolinas southeast georgia and parts of the state of florida. expect slow downs during the morning hours. significant temperature drop. take a look at the temperatures. 12 degrees right now in minneapolis and in the teens as well in the city of denver. not going to be warming up a whole lot. 14 will be the high in minneapolis. 13 degrees high. temperatures about 10, 15 degrees above average. 7 in raleigh and atlanta. 70 degrees for you guys in florida. feeling more like early summer
2:38 am
or fall. already producing areas of heavy rain in parts of pennsylvania heavier across part of the northeast. we have a risk for severe weather today. yesterday we had two reported tornadoes in arkansas. one shifted the house off its foundation in arkansas. another for isolated tornadoes and damaging wind gusts. >> hope everybody is okay. maria thank you so much. let's talk bent tanment news right now and perhaps the age difference was maybe a little too much this time. demi moore's 26 yeefld boyfri d boyfriend ---year-old boyfriend have called off the fling. he broke things off after demi came to party with the stars at the famous art fair. james bond wins the battle of the box office this weekend. sky fall coming in first place
2:39 am
with $11 million. in second place rise of the guardian with another film, rise to the guardian had 10 and a half million dollars. slipping to third twilight breaking dawn part 2 with 9.2 million. ainsley i know that was your favorite. breaking amish may not be coming back but amish mafia may take its place. >> we are conservative and everything is supposed to bring you close to god. >> when things don't go the way they should that's where we step in and help out. >> that's a series called amish mafia. it debuts on wednesday night. takes a look at the inside secret men of the men whose job it is to protect the amish people and the culture in lancaster. >> that one happens to be your favorite. >> not just yet. starting lineup top stories, sports stories the snow proving to be a problem for the detroit lions but not the green bay
2:40 am
packers they over came a two-touchdown deficit winning 27-20 and are one step closer to the nfc north title. the giants take on new orleans to hold on to their lead. rookie running back david wilson had a break out day that included three touchdowns. new york crushing the saints 52-27. a hard fought game between the redskins and ravens in the final minutes. robert griffin, well, robert griffin the third i should add the third he knocked out of the game with a knee injury after a tackle. a team spokesman says today though that's not major and won't be ending the season. >> although tough not the enof the season. they went on to win in over time 31-28. >> the time right now is 20 before the top of the hour. seems americans still haven't learned their lessons just like our federal debt your personal debt has reached record highs. the frightening numbers that
2:41 am
will have you thinking twice before you start swiping that credit card this success. >> they have a leave for safety reasons during super storm sandy. when they left behind wasn't safe at all. tell but that 20 minutes to the top of the hour. new trident layers juicy berry + tangy tangerine ride to mouth fun-town. d but it's not like everyone is going to break into a karaoke jam session.
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need to know about your hair loss problem, and it's free if you call now. >> i am more pleased than what i had even imagined. >> i at least look, i would say, five years younger. >> i'm 52 and i look better now than i did when i was in my 40s. >> i feel great. >> announcer: and that's not all! the first 100 people who call will also receive $250 off any hair loss solution from hair club. call now! [♪...] >> let's span the globe to see what headlines are topping the world. the u.n. warned north korea to cancel the launch amid belief it is a cover. >> president morsi will give up the dictator like powers says little tension. protestors gathering in the
2:45 am
streets of cairo over the weekend marching on the presidential ball lass. in guatemala where millionaire john mc af fee is speaking out at jail. >> i would be ap pee to go to england or america. america is my home. >> he is fighting deportation back where he is wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor. he is working to get back to the u.s. and return to a normal life. >> 17 minutes before the hour. despite being trillions in the hole a lot of us haven't learned our lesson. we are more in debt than we have been ever before due to big borrowing in the month of october. we have that story. >> hey there diane. the federal reserve says they increase borrowing $14.2 million hitting a record $2.75 trillions
2:46 am
in debt. borrowing on credit cards rose 3.4 billion the second mofrntnt increase in the past 10 months. while borrowing was up for the month consumer spending was down partially due to disruptions from super storm sandy. many consumers may have scaled back because of fears for the automatic spening cuts known as the fiscal cliff that will take place in january from congress and they may strike a budget deal by then. economists think it could downs back in november with unemployment still high the trend remains weak because households don't have the income to spend. that ties in with the borrowing numbers as well. credit card usage has gone 17 percent since the 2008 credit cli cries lis. the category auto and student loans is 22 percent higher. they get training for new
2:47 am
careers. >> diane macedo from the fox business network it is 14 minutes before the top of the hour. you could call them a mosque carade. it promised to be a lot more than a praise of prayer. turns out that is all they are doing there. we will tell you the details. >> they were trying to wreak havoc on the neighbor's decorations. check with steve doocy to see what's coming up. >> thank you very much. exactly. 13 minutes before fox and friends kicks off. who says there's no such thing as a free lunch. whoever said that has to dine with uncle sam. millions of dollars of tax payer money feeding children for free. before they need it or not. donald trump will be here along with oliver north and free big athletes.
2:48 am
snowboarder tony hawk gold olympic medalist gabby douglas the tallest guy in the studio in the last year. shaquille o'neal. join us 12 minutes from now fox and friends.
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>> good morning to you. it is 10 minutes before the hour. listen to this one. police had to use mace to break up an unruly crowd applying for subsidized apartments in columbus, ohio. 2,000 people showed up then they started fighting in order to get applications. that complex had to turn everyone away. several people were treated for minor injuries but no one was arrested. >> it is all pray and no play. it turns out the controversial
2:52 am
combround zai ground zero mosque was supposed to be a cultural center is an empty space with no community programs whatsoever. dozens of worshippers gather at the site for prayer services but that is the only activity in the building despite promises otherwise. thank you, heather. looking for somewhere special to take your family this holiday season? we are here to help you out. they gave us their list of the top five hotels. here to tell us about them all are travel experts lee avamante. best job in business. >> let's start with the first one. this is in las vegas. one of the nicest hotels in las vegas say it is a great place. they are decked out for the holidays in reds and golds and greens. they have all of the cool scenes for kids like giant gifts and
2:53 am
polar bears. everything they could fit in there. >> then they have the water fall in the front. >> it goes to the music goes back and forth. >> what if families are going down to orlando? ? >> there is a hotel called the gaylord palms. they have this huge lobby atrium. they have stuff basically in the holidays. kids can have a great time. it's a great place for families. you can spend time-out side and feel like you are in the holidays and still feel the heat. >> where should they stay if they come to new york? >> if you can't stay with me you have to stay at the peninsula in new york city which is a great hotel. i have been there for drinks a few times. great place. they have a 25 foot tree as
2:54 am
well. you can climb on it if you like to. they have ginger bread making classes for kids you can buy ornaments hang them on the tree. the proceed goes to make a wish foundation. >> if you want to costay with l send him a puck tour. >> built more is the new hip cool place to stay. it is an older hotel but they retain a lot of classic beauty you want. they have after noon tea and cablelers for the holid-- carol lowers but they also sponsor an ice rink across the street from the hotel. a lot of guests will go over there and nice to do in l.a. thanks a lot. you are so cute. 6 minutes to the top of the hour. might be the best christmas present of all. ♪ >> does ens of family welcomed home they have gone to war in time for the hole sdooin.
2:55 am
your chance to answer the question of the day about -- what about holiday shopping what makes you miserable? we are reading your tweets and e-mails coming up next. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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♪ >> we look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. cheers and hugs for 350 colorado sold yerse back with their families this morning. they just returned from a nine month's tour in afghanistan. welcome home. next the bad. thieves taking advantage of residents in the luxury manhattan high rise after being evacuated on hurricane sandy. thens of dollars of goods were stolen. the security cameras were out and likely that the thieves will not be caught. the grinch is on the loose in a new jersey neighborhood.
2:59 am
someone is stealing the holiday spirit that cutting wires of a holiday display. the naughty list. >> people work so hard for what they have. it is the naughty list as well time for your question of the day responses. studies have found retailers will make holiday shopping and this on purpose. they are piping in loud music and smells to make you disoriented so you buy stuff. we wanted know what about holiday shopping that makes you miserable. parking makes the holiday shopping miserable. >> what doesn't make me miserable about holiday shopping. >> blain said nothing. i do it all on line. >> thanks to everyone that responded. >> and

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